Saturday, December 31, 2016

Michio Kaku Discusses How Our Universe Created Itself

This has been a fascinating topic of conversation lately. Not sure why it has been brought up, but it certainly causes your mind to think.

Just how did the Universe come into being? How could a bunch of nothing come together and simply explode, and from that, every known thing in this universe come to being afterwards?

For that matter, what came before the Universe?

What is outside of our Universe? Is there, as scientists suggest, literally nothing? And even so, is not nothing something? Or, if they are wrong, what if there are other universes? Why not billions of other universes, with ours neither being particularly unique or big, or even particularly noticeable in any major way? What if, just like we are like grains of sands within this world, and this planet is like a grain of sands in our galaxy, and our galaxy is a grain of sand within the universe, this universe is itself a grain of sand within a much larger system? 

All very fascinating questions. Here is a link that allows you to explore this topic a little more, by noted scientist Michio Kaku:

Can a Universe Create Itself Out of Nothing? Over a year ago  by Michio Kaku:

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