Friday, December 16, 2016

Seahawks Clinch NFC West With Blowout Win at Home

Seattle 24, L.A. Rams 3 - This was pretty much what everyone would have expected, right? The Seattle Seahawks are very tough to beat at home, and they had a weak divisional opponent. Also, and most importantly, they had an opportunity, once and for all to clinch the division title, which would assure them of yet another playoff berth for a franchise record fifth season in a row. So, less than one week after the Seattle Sounders they took care of business by winning the MLS Cup, fans in Seattle once again had cause for celebration. Seattle effectively went through their routine process in breaking down the Rams until they were bruised and battered and had no more life in them (not that they ad much life going into this game, anyway). The result was a convincing 24-3 victory, although there was one glaring hiccup, when Seattle tried a trick play in the second quarter, which actually turned out to be an attempted touchdown pass to Doug Baldwin. But Baldwin fell on his butt in the end zone, and the pass was close to being intercepted. Nor was this the only trick play for Seattle in this game, as they also tried a fake punt which did not work. Ultimately, though, the Seahawks resembled their usual selves, except for the bright neon green uniforms that they sported for this game. They got the job done, beat the Rams as expected, and are now officially the NFC West champions. The rest of the way, they will be fighting for playoff positioning, as they still have a chance to get a playoff bye, even if home field advantage throughout is likely not within their grasp. 

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