Sunday, December 4, 2016

Standing Rock Protesters Win Huge Victory

Yes, it's official!

The Army Corps of Engineers announced earlier today that they will not grant an easement to build the last part of the controversial pipeline that was supposed to traverse across the water near Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. 

Thus, effectively, the project is temporarily cancelled.

This announcement came just as 2,000 veterans has descended on North Dakota to stand as a human shield between police and protesters. It might have contributed to the decision to at least temporarily halt the project.

However, this is not necessarily a permanent victory, as the Army Corp of Engineers basically stated that they will review what the best options are for building the pipeline, and could theoretically decide that building it by the Standing Rock Reservation is indeed the best option.

The incoming Trump administration has stated they were in favor of construction of the pipeline, although it should also be noted that Hillary Clinton had given her nod to the pipeline, as well. For that matter, President Obama could have called a halt to the building of the project, but seemed extremely reluctant to do so in recent weeks, as tensions between police and peaceful protesters mounted. 

So, this has been described as winning an important battle, but not yet the war. Still, it is a victory for the protesters, and to advocates of clean water everywhere, and deserves to be recognized as such.

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