Sunday, January 1, 2017

Being Thankful # 12 - New Year's Day 2017 Edition

Frankly, I think that this was overdue. Indeed, it seemed like a good idea to end the old year with a list of what I am grateful for, and then seemed like an even better, more hopeful idea to start the new year off with one instead!
So, here it is:

1. I am thankful for the good memories shared with friends and family. This is particularly true with my son, as we did a lot in the past year! We went on a huge trip out west, and a smaller trip up north to Canada and New England. We even enjoyed going to NYC just a couple of nights ago, seeing the lights of Rockefeller Center and Times Square. We saw Ringo Starr and Temple of the Dog together (we are both big fans of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, so this made sense). We went on plenty of hikes, and did a bunch of reading together. Also, there were plenty of other memories made, such as putting up the Christmas tree, visiting more National Parks, and day trips to the beach. Here's hoping for still more memories to be made now and in the future!

2. I am thankful for the progress made here on "The Charbor Chronicles!" While I did not have more blog entries than any other year, I do feel that I made good on a promise to focus more on quality than quantity. And the numbers of viewers appear to be bearing this out. Which gives me an opportunity to thank everyone reading this right now! Thank you all so much!

3. Very thankful for the continued relative good health of family and friends. Let us hope that this continues through this upcoming year and beyond!

4. Thankful to have a job, and to be able to enjoy and share the abundance of all that has come my way in life. This gets overlooked too often, but I am trying to change that. It really is a blessing, as so many people the world over have far less. 

5. Hope. Mine was shaken at times last year, particularly after the election. But time offered perspective, and I feel better now. More hopeful. No, the election did not extinguish that, and this seemed like a very good thing, for which I am thankful!

And to anything that I am surely leaving out! More and more as I get older, it is becoming clear that gratitude is more important, even crucial! It is a lesson that needs to be repeated, needs to be remembered. It makes the world better, and more hopeful. May this continue to guide more and more of my own actions and, hopefully, that of the world!

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