Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cory Booker, New Jersey's Own, is Corrupt

Yes, you heard that right.

Cory Booker, the former mayor of Newark, and current New Jersey Senator, recently voted against a bill proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders to make it cheaper for Americans to obtain prescription drugs. He also voted to weaken FDA standards.

In an obviously related story, various reports reveal that Booker took anywhere from $267,338 to $442,678 from pharmaceutical firms, which seems to have clearly swayed his vote.

I mentioned this several times on my Facebook page, and added this commentary:

The Garden State's hero Senator, moving up in the world at the expense of those people he is supposed to represent and fight for. He will never, ever receive any support from me!

Also, I just responded in comments to Cory Booker's Facebook page, and particularly made a point of expressing how much of a coward I believe him to be on posts where he had the audacity to post quotes on courage. Senator Bob Menendez, also a Democrat from New Jersey, also voted against the measure. He received an estimated $296,000 from the pharmaceutical industry as well. Here is some of what I wrote on my Facebook account:

Including two Democrats from my state - Cory Booker & Bob Menendez. They are corrupt idiots undeserving of their offices, and I vow not only to never, ever give them my support or vote, but to actively oppose them. Tired of these supposed progressives who act like Republican wanna be's. If you are opposed to making healthcare more affordable, just join the damn Republicans already, and leave the Democratic platform to Bernie Sanders and others who actually have the guts to fight corruption and make this a better country. Cory Booker clearly has higher aspirations, and I hope he enjoys all of the money that he took from big pharma at the expense of those people who he is supposed to represent in New Jersey. From here on out, I view you as part of the problem, and I am not alone!

Here is another comment:

Cory Booker might just be the new Hillary Clinton. A neocon in Democrat's clothing, opposed to making meaningful affordable healthcare a reality, and laughing all the way to the bank! Shame on him! Why do all politicians from this state always make themselves a mockery?

And another:

Democrats & Republicans are two different wings of the same one party that has dominated the United States - the corporate interest party. And it's ruining the country! Booker and Clinton and Obama and Wasserman-Schultz and all of the other pretend progressives need to go!

And still another, this time about Booker and the other 12 Democrats who joined him in voting against this measure:

12 Democratic senators. That's the key number here. It very well may have been rejected, because Republicans uniformly go against anything and everything that can cut costs for the American people, and they have no problem whatsoever with taking money from big firms, constituting a conflict of interest. But at least they do not pretend otherwise. The Democrats, on the other hand, like to speak of high-minded things. This just shows that many of them are absolutely full of shit. But watch how many hardcore Democratic supporters conveniently will ignore this bit of news, just like they ignored the inconvenient truth of Hillary Clinton's lying and absurdities, and also ignored the bad polices and warlike conduct of both President Obama and President Clinton. This is the problem, folks. These two parties are just different wings of the real one party system that uniformly supports corporate interest. Not coincidentally, they happen to personally profit from them, too.

And here is a comment that I posted on Cory Booker's Facebook page:

And just how brave were you when you took the money & then voted against what was best for Americans? SELL OUT!! I'm from New Jersey, and not only will I never, ever think of voting for you again, but I will spread the word as much as possible to make sure you never, ever get elected to any national office again. Hope you enjoy the money that you took from the big pharmaceutical firms that swayed your vote, though. And don't let it bother you that many Americans will likely suffer as a result of it. I'm sure you won't sweat too much about it! SHAME ON YOU!!

If you are outraged, and especially if you are from New Jersey, please join me in letting Cory Booker know that we are on to him, and we will not forget or simply let this slide. 


Senator Bob Menendez can be reached at the following phone number:


Cory Booker and 12 Other Dems Just Stopped Bernie Sanders’ Amendment to Lower Prescription Drug Costs You'll never guess who gives them money.  By Walker Bragman  |  January 12, 2017:

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