Monday, January 30, 2017

Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels's Secretary Dead

Wow! I thought pretty much everyone in Hitler's inner circle was just about dead by now. Most of the prominent Nazis were gone before my time, including Hitler himself (although some believe that he escaped to Argentina and lived on for many years), Joseph Goebbels (killed himself and his family shortly after Hitler did), Goering (he killed himself before his death sentence could go through after the Nuremberg Trials, as well as the death of other prominent Nazis like Martin Bormann and Heinrich Himmler as World War II basically ended, and the capture and eventual death sentence of Adolph Eichmann. In my lifetime, some of them died while I was still a bit too young to remember them, such as Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess. I remember the death of Leni Riefenstahl back in 2003, and the death of Hitler's bodyguard just a few years ago. 

Here is one more, and by now, these might be the last few who were so close to Hitler and his inner circle. 

Brunhilde Pomsel was the former secretary for Germany's Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, has died. She died in her home in Munich this past Friday.

Pomsel lived to reach the age of 106. 

She had lived mostly in obscurity until a German newspaper discovered her and published an interview with her in 2011. This sparked considerable interest in her and her story afterwards.

Christian Kroenes, who confirmed Pomsel's death, was the director and producer of the film “A German Life .” In that movie, Pomsel discusses her years with the infamous Nazi Propaganda Minister, and Hitler's right-hand man. Kroenes said that Pomsel had suggested that her former boss, Goebbels, was extremely vain, although she also said that the degree of his hateful messages that have become so synonymous with Nazi Germany actually disguised his considerable charm behind the scenes, when he was not in the public eye.

However, the filmmaker also said that she was worried about the possibility of such things happening again, and felt that the lessons from the past should be understood, so that they might not be repeated in the future. 

“What she recounted in the film is a warning to the current and future generations,” he said.      

Former secretary of Nazi propagandist Goebbels dies at 106 Washington Post

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