Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New York Giants Versus New York Jets Old Footage of 1975 Preseasons Game

If you are like me, then you sometimes find it cool to watch old NFL games, at least as a background kind of a thing from time to time.

And this one that I recently discovered on Youtube is a real gem! 

This is footage of a preseason game between the two local New York rivals, and it came just before the Giants were about to change their logos for the first time, altering the traditional ny logo with lower case to the upper case NY, which they kept for a year. If you can see in the close ups, the Giants are mostly wearing helmets without logos, with maybe a couple of exceptions.

As for the Jets, this game took place well before they converted to the green helmets and jerseys, with that logo that they wore in the late 1970's through to the late 1990's.

Just thought it was cool and worth sharing here!

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