Friday, January 20, 2017

Rafael Nadal Talks Unflatteringly About President-elect Trump

Rafael Nadal

Photo courtesy of Yann Caradec's Flickr Page - Rafael Nadal:

Yes, President-elect Donald Trump has served some love towards tennis legend Rafael Nadal, although Nadal did not return the love.

In a brief video message, Trump had this to say about the 14-time Grand Slam champion, and master of the clay courts:

'I love Nadal. He is a guy who wants always to win, he is a great champion,' Trump said.

Nadal, however, was not nearly as glowing towards Trump:

'I followed the elections as close as possible. When Trump was campaigning, I was in the United States, and to be honest I didn't like his way of speaking because I don't appreciate his style and the way he expresses himself. Since when he was elected, he calmed down and maybe was more correct, but during the campaign he wasn't. But I am honest: I did not love the other option either.'

This is the article that got me onto this topic:

Donald Trump: 'Nadal is my favourite player, I love him' Gatto Luigi - 19-01-2017:

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