Friday, January 20, 2017

Rick Perry Flip Flops on Climate Change

The U.S. Energy Department has a new head.

Yes, Rick Perry, the man who wanted to eliminate the Energy Department, is now head of the department he wanted to eradicate, although he now regrets having desired to end it.

He also seems to have flip-flopped on another major issue, although he left himself, and his administration, an out.

While previously, he mocked climate change as a "contrived, phony mess," and also claimed that the science behind it is "unsettled," Perry now took a more moderate view before Congressional hearings yesterday.  

In what felt very recited and polished, Perry stated:

"I believe the climate is changing. I believe some of it is naturally occurring, but some of it is also caused by man-made activity. The question is how do we address it in a thoughtful way that doesn’t compromise economic growth, the affordability of energy or American jobs."

Yes, that sounds better, more politically correct, than his previous quick dismissal. But it also sounds meaningless, because it basically on the face of it gives equal consideration to environmental issues and business considerations. My guess is that business considerations will win out every time with an administration completely obsessed with short term profits.

Here are the articles that got me on this topic:

Trump's energy pick Perry softens stance on climate change by Timothy Gardner and Valerie Volcovici, January 19, 2017:

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