Friday, January 6, 2017

‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’: Sneaking a Peek

I did see the newest Star Wars movie, and will review that shortly. In fact, it is already partially written, but it seemed like a good idea to write this one first.

These are little scraps about Episode VIII.

Okay, I know that the official release date is still almost one year away, but will, it is exciting to think about.

My son is very excited about it, and believes himself to be the biggest Star Wars fan ever. Maybe, although there are some real crazies out there as far as Star Wars obsessions go. Not sure that he ranks up there at this point, mercifully.

In any case, Star Wars is one of those things that we actually share together, he and I. We both grew up on it, although it was the original trilogy that got me hooked, while it was the newest release of movies that really got him hooked.

So, we look for little clues, little tidbits to clue us in on what might happen in the next installment of the current trilogy - which is the third trilogy that Star Wars has seen. It still amazes me, just how successful this franchise has been, with movies released now in each of the last five decades! Might be hard to believe, but think about that for a minute! Movies in each of the last five decades, and with plans surely to release them in the next decade, as well. What other movie franchise can claim such a thing?

None that immediately come to mind, that's for sure. Although Indiana Jones might come close, if the next one that is scheduled for a 2019 release actually is completed.

In any case, the recent Star Wars movie essentially whet my appetite for the next installment of the trilogy next winter, and I sneaked a peak at some articles. Even knowing that many of the predictions are notoriously unreliable, and that the smallest scraps are stretched out one hundred different places, and with one thousand possible different conclusions. Just in case you are interested in learning what some others are saying about Episode VIII, I submit to you a couple of articles that I found particularly intriguing. Also, just for amusement, I added a Youtube compilation video of some of the best Star Wars themed commercials:

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