Thursday, February 9, 2017

First Major Winter Snowstorm of Season in Northeast

Yes, that's right. We here in the northeastern United States are getting hit today with the season's first serious snowstorm.

I worked overnight, but on the way back from work, the roads were a mess. The highways were not plowed, although there were some trucks that were beginning the process on the other side of the highway. Still, there had been enough cars driving on the highways to prevent the snow from sticking too badly and accumulating too much.

Still, the roads are not good, and there are advising everybody to go out on them only if absolutely necessary. Now that I am home, I do not intend to step out again for the rest of this day.

What made this particular snowstorm surprising was because yesterday, we enjoyed positively springlike weather. It set a record for warmth, and was a pleasant day. I saw kids where t-shirts and shorts, and they seemed comfortable. The temperature read in the mid-60's Fahrenheit!

Now, this snowy blast, with a bit of ice earlier. I have heard about such wild weather swings in some other places, such as Colorado. But that kind of thing is rare here in New Jersey!

In any case, hope anyone and everyone reading this right now is safe and in a nice, secure place. If so, then if at all possible, do what I am doing for the rest of the day, and stay indoors and just relax. Take it easy. Read a book. Watch a movie. Exercise, or do whatever. Just try to stay off the roads, because trust me, they were already bad when I was driving them earlier, and they are not going to get any better until once this storm subsides, which is supposed to be late this afternoon, or early evening.

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