Thursday, February 23, 2017

Standing Rock Protests Forcibly Removed

Well, we were warned that a Trump presidency would lead to this.

Sure enough, this is exactly what happened.

The Army Corps of Engineers announced a few months ago that they were going to rethink the pipeline running through this particular stretch of land so close to the Standing Rock reservation, and so there was a delay.

At the time, it was seen as a victory, although some voices warned that this was just deception, and that the delay would conveniently bypass the remaining days of the Obama administration (not that he did much to end the Dakota Access Pipeline) and that continued construction would conveniently resume once Trump was in office. 

That is exactly what happened, too.

Yes, the use of force by militarized police has forced the peaceful protesters at Standing Rock away from the land. 

Once again, the oil industry scores a victory not only at the expense of cleaner alternative energy sources, but also scores another in an already long and growing list of victories for corporations over the American people. 

Drinking water is obviously a key issue in the 21st century already, and it will likely grow even more important. Unfortunately, big corporations seem to win out, whether it was those who had invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline, or if it is some huge multinational corporation like NestlĂ©, who's head has stated that he believes people do not have the right to clean water, as his company continues to grab more and more clean water sources so that it can privatize and profit. 

A sad day in America, and indeed, for the world. 

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