Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 Blue and Gold Dinner Bloomingdale Pack 86

Yes, last night, on the evening of March 26,  2017, my son graduated from being a Webelos II and finally became an out and out boy scout.

He has been a part of this for quite a few years now. Originally, it was my idea, thinking that it would be something potentially fun and clever for him to participate in. In time, however, his mother kind of took over, and started taking him not only to all of the regular meetings, but the vast majority of other scout activities, as well, including the hiking and camping trips.

There were a few times when I remained active with his scouting activities. I remember taking him on a hike last last winter, for example, to a local abandoned mansion that bears a striking resemblance to an Old World style castle of old.

Even though my own role in this regard became increasingly diminished, I did support him, and was glad that he seemed to engage creatively in the activities, which also included regular participation in the Pinewood Derby. Last night, he received his award for coming in second place (pictures of this will hopefully be added soon). My entire family has, at one time or another, helped him to make some of those wooden derby cars, and we still have most, if not all, of them.

He has learned some things during the hiking trips and/or the scout camp, Camp Yawpaw, that he attended the last few summers. These are definitely some good memories that he should long cherish for many years to come, even if his scouting years will become an increasingly distant memory for him as the years go by.

I am very proud of him for sticking with it and finally making it to the status of outright boy scout. He was excited by the prospect all weekend, and it was a pleasant evening, for the most part, that we enjoyed last night, with a good dinner to boot. They also had entertainment from "Mad Science: Fire and Ice," which really seemed to fascinate all of the kids!

In any case, below are some of the pictures, as well as a brief video of the evening, that seemed worth sharing here:

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