Thursday, March 2, 2017

Drinking Beer Has Health Benefits!

I ran into this article earlier today, and thought it was very interesting!

Now, mind you, I have not actually gone and fact-checked all of this, and frankly, am not sure that I am qualified to do so, being rather a moron when it comes to medical stuff, including the benefits of consumer products such as beer.

Still, this was all new information on me, and it seems somewhat believable, since many people drink beer all of their lives, and go on to live long, often fairly healthy lives. It seems that the trick, though, is knowing how to do this, and pretty much everything else, in moderation.

Not being the biggest beer drinker myself (I am more of a social drinker, and usually, it's not beer that I drink), this really does not affect me too much. That said, it seems like something that is definitely worth sharing, so here you go:

Six healthy reasons to drink more beer


  1. Interesting. Wine – also in moderation – supposedly offers health benefits as well. Some people call it the French paradox, i.e. "How do French people manage to eat all of that pâté, all of that cheese and all of those rillettes while still (for the most part) remaining thin?" There's a theory that the wine somehow counters all of those calories and all of that fat, though French doctors are quick to dispel such notions. (French people as a whole have gotten heavier in the last few decades anyway, due in no small part to increasing consumption of fast food combined with more and more people with office jobs leading ever-more sedentary lifestyles.) But I digress. In keeping with the spirit of your post, remember the following scene from Cheers, after Norm enters and everyone greets him by calling his name in unison as always? Woody: "What's going on, Mr. Peterson?" Norm: "Actually Woody, the better question is what's going *IN* Mr. Peterson, and the answer is an ice cold beer." Those two used to kill me. Woody: "What are you up to, Mr. Peterson?" Norm: "My ideal weight if I were eleven feet tall."

  2. Cheers was great! I find it funnier now than I did back then!