Friday, March 3, 2017

Hillary Clinton's New Youtube Video Has Four Times More Dislikes Than Likes

Yes, she's back.

And apparently, a run for the White House in 2020 really might actually happen. At least, that might be the case if the mainstream Democrats continue on their present course, and prepare to likely lose yet another election.

For many years now, we kept hearing about how the Democrats were ready to take control, were ready to have a strong showing. That seemed especially true early during this past election, when 17 Republicans were running, while Hillary's path to the Democratic nomination was virtually unopposed. 

At least initially.

But then one candidate announced his candidacy. He was little known, and had only recently become a Democrat.

Yet, his candidacy changed the game completely. His name and face started to be seen and heard everywhere, and his popularity swelled. Pretty soon, it was clear that Hillary Clinton was in a real race, and she actually had to sharpen her skills to maintain that still solid lead.

Before long, however, she started to lose some serious ground to Sanders, although the mainstream media portrayed Sanders as a fringe candidate, and never took him seriously.

Still, he as drawing thousands, even tens of thousands, of people to his rallies. His soundbites gained traction, and he looked strong during the debate. What had seemed like a cakewalk and a sure thing for Clinton suddenly turned into a serious race.

This trend continued, as Sanders took well over 20 states, and had Clinton reeling at many points. For a while there, it even looked like he might be well on his way to victory, even while it was equally obvious that the entire mainstream Democrats threw their support behind Clinton.

After numerous strange incidents and controversies regarding an unfair primary season, Clinton finally clinched the Democratic nomination. Bernie Sanders and his supporters warned that she was vulnerable, and that there was a very real chance that she would not win.

Naturally, Hillary's staunchest supporters scoffed at this notion, and claimed that it was just sour grapes.

Until she lost. Suddenly, they were enraged, and after yelling and screaming at supporters of Bernie Sanders, and claiming that they did not need their help, anyway, they suddenly blamed them for the shocking - Shocking! - election night loss to Trump in November.

But there were reasons - very clear reasons - why she lost. The poll numbers prior to her locking up the Democratic nomination had her barely leading, and often even losing, to Donald Trump and other prominent Republicans. She never had a huge lead against Trump, let alone an insurmountable one. And poll after poll revealed that in an election where all of the major candidates, except for Bernie, had serious issues with being disliked, one poll after another revealed that Clinton actually had higher unfavorability ratings than any of them, Trump included. Also, more than two-thirds of Americans found her untrustworthy. It did not help that she lied several times, such as about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia. It did not help that the mainstream Democrats who were supposed to remain neutral had been asked by her for help, and had given it, and that several of them, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, would be forced to resign. Clinton did herself no favors by signing her up as an "honorary" member of her campaign mere hours after she fell on her sword. It also did not help that Clinton has some shady deals with strange bedfellows, including Saudi Arabia, and that she had received huge sums of money, both personally and politically, from major Wall Street firms and major healthcare industry players.

All of this and more contributed strongly to her eventual demise in the election, although all the mainstream Democrats could do was point fingers at others, predictably. It was the fault of Bernie Sanders and/or Jill Stein supporters. It was the fault of racists and rednecks. It was the fault of sexists. It was the fault of the Russians. 

In truth, though, it was their fault, and especially the fault of Hillary Clinton herself. No one forced her to do all of those things that cast her in a negative, untrustworthy light. She tried to be all things to all people, tried to be a political shape-shifter, and was unashamedly very much a Washington insider in an election year where being that proved very toxic indeed!

Yet, clearly, the lesson is not learned, as the Democrats, rather predictably, frankly, appear to be flirting with her almost as much as she is flirting with them.

In my mind, by so doing, they are also flirting with another election loss in November of 2020. And they will keep losing, perhaps deservedly, until some lesson or other finally sinks in.

I, for one, am not holding my breath. 

Here is the new video of Hillary Clinton, trying to stay in the public eye, and trying to show leadership over her struggling mainstream Democrats:

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