Thursday, March 23, 2017

President Trump's Nonchalant Response About Biggest Losers Under 'Trumpcare' Being From Pro-Trump States

When tens of millions of Americans decided to vote for Trump in November, and essentially gave the man the highest office in the land, they achieved little more than giving the biggest narcissist in the country, and one of the most blatant examples of narcissism in modern history, yet another big title to add to the already extensive list of things for which this man believes himself to be great.

He outright stated that he, and he alone, could save this country.

Imagine that! A nation of roughly 310 to 320 million people needs him to save them.

Some people questioned his qualifications for office, while others felt that he was the kind of guy that "could get things done."

Well, he has gotten things done so far, alright. It is just that none of it seems to have made the country any better. Also, none of it is quite like how he promised it would be. 

Let's review:

The wall that he promised is being built, although it will be Americans, not Mexicans, who pay for it. 

The Muslim travel ban that he promised is illegal, and so far, judges have stricken down the two official bans that the Trump administration put forward.

He did not lock Hillary up, like he promised. He did not defeat ISIS within 30 days, like he promised he would. 

What he did suggest was that cases of major fraud in the past election would be investigated. He offered not one shred of proof, and the investigation never happened. Same with Obama's wiretapping, which he again offered no evidence for.

Of course I would mention that environmental standards have already plummeted, as he has made it a point to make it a lot easier to allow big polluters to dump disgusting toxic chemicals into our waters. Also, he seriously slashed funding for the EPA, and weakened the agency in other ways as well. However, one thing Trump never promised was to be friendly with the environment, so even though he should be held accountable for that, even though this is one of the few areas in which he did exactly as promised, much to our misfortune.

No major reaction from Trump supporters through any of this.

In fact, the man is still holding rallies, as if the damn presidential campaign is still happening. It's as if he is still in celebration mode, and apparently, he does seem to be having fun, because he sure seems to be playing a lot more golf than he promised he would. 

But now, in the signature promise from not just Trump, but all Republicans dating back to the better part of a decade, now, they are going ahead with their attempts to repeal Obamacare.

However, we are finding out that their plan would, rather predictably, fall hardest on the poor, while the rich would, rather typically, receive many benefits, to the point that they would be able to line their pockets with friendly legislation clearly intended to benefit them once again. 

Seniors making $26,000 would have to pay more than $14,000 in deductibles within a decade, which obviously makes no sense. They would get a tax credit for up to $4,000 back, although that clearly will not be much of a help.

All of this illustrates - rather clearly illustrates, I might add - that Trump is exactly what his detractors suggested he was. The man not only is a narcissist and a liar, but he is no supporter of the American working class. One of the first things that he did was make owning a house for middle class Americans more expensive, and now, this healthcare bill, which he and his fellow Republicans are pushing hard, would make healthcare once again more profitable for the very rich, and less accessible for the rest of us.

The people who would be hurt the most include many of his biggest supporters, including the white working class. When he was asked by Tucker Carlson about this, Trump acted nonchalant, as if it really was no big deal.

He responded by saying, "Oh, I know."

Then he added, "It's very preliminary, Tucker."

No big deal, in other words. Not for our president, even though the people being affected this time are his own supporters, the ones who got him into the White House to begin with. It does not seem to trouble him much, although he once again, quite typically, made vague promises that improvements will be made.

Of course, he added some things, and made some more promises. Here, according to Bob Bryan's recent article, is how he fully responded:

"A lot of things aren't consistent. But these are going to be negotiated.

"And by the way, if we're not going to take care of the people, I'm not signing anything. I'm not going to be doing it, just so you understand."

Right. That's why he's pushing so hard for it right now, and urging his fellow Republican Congressmen to vote for this bill, which some are already suggesting is a huge early test on the entire Trump presidency itself. He basically has been asking members of the GOP whether they want to do as they promised, and repeal Obamacare, or not.

Well, this is our president. He has made plenty of promises that he has outright broken already, and even those things that he seems to be delivering have an impact on the country and it's people that are, at best, suspect, such as slashing funds to the EPA, and generally weakening it.

And now this healthcare bill, which will hurt the very people that he rode the backs of to get the presidency to begin with. Only now, when it is already too late, are some of these people finally waking up and realizing that they indeed might have been had.

Unfortunately, that seems to be the way of things politically in the United States these days. Voters are sold a bill of goods by self-serving politicians, and then they can only complain once they realize it. Or, of course, they can ignore it, pretend that it is not so bad. And that seems to be the trend with candidates from both political parties. Nothing is quite as glittering as promised. But while the people suffer, the very same  elected officials continue to fatten their wallets, and still eat great meals with shiny forks and knives. If something happens to them, they have wonderful healthcare plan that takes care of them. 

Too bad that they do not extend it to the rest of us, though, huh?

Trump when told the biggest losers under 'Trumpcare' would be his own voters: 'Oh, I know'   Bob Bryan    Mar. 16, 2017:

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