Thursday, April 13, 2017

Getting Back Into the Groove of the Everyday...Reluctantly

Meant to publish this yesterday, and then promptly forgot. Now, I waited long enough that it is closer to the upcoming weekend, then the one that just passed.

Still, already written as this is, this seemed appropriate to publish now, so here it is:

Okay, well, hope everyone enjoyed this past weekend. I did, as I finally got out and went for walks and hikes with my son for the first time since mid-February, when my sciatica suddenly, without warning, started to act up.

Anyone who has had this before knows that I was nervous, because the last thing that you want to do is risk something, some kind of pain or injury where you aggravate that sciatic nerve, and then have to deal with many more weeks or possibly months of barely being able to walk, and being in some serious pain!

Hell, I was even fortunate to be off yesterday, which my son also had off, since his school is on it's spring break right now. So, we spent a good day together, and it was the first really warm and beautiful day of the year. The warmest this year so far, although today will apparently be warmer still! In fact, it was a bit troublesome, because I had difficulty sleeping, because it was so warm outside, and felt stuffy inside.

Anyway, another thing that happened this past week was that Pearl Jam, among others, was inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, which was really, really cool for those of us who are fans. Obviously, my focus was on that over the weekend, as it was a bit of an escape from the world of politics, and the focus on the Clintons and the Trumps of the world.

Still, reality inevitably settles in at some point, does it not?

And so, the weekend is over, and here I am again, having to face a world that seems to have an endless appetite for horror.

It had to happen, I guess. The world is a changing place - not always for the better - and we need to pay attention, don't we? That is especially true now, with a giant, narcissistic clown in the Oval Office.

So I have to go back to covering that world, although the break was appreciated.

Here goes...

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