Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pearl Jam Releases New Song - "Again Today"

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On the heels of a fairly long blog entry on Pearl Jam not long ago, and another, much shorter blog on the band taking a break, it seemed fitting to also add this particularly entry, which I actually meant to publish about one month ago, but never quite got around to it.

Since I apparently felt a little too burned out over this past weekend to do any blog entries, missing two days in a row, I wanted to get back to good habits, because it is actually fairly rare for me to miss entering at least one blog entry each day. Perhaps I just felt a bit sick and tired of hearing and writing about President Trump. 

Can you blame me?

In any case, below is a short clip of a new Pearl Jam song, which should be of interest to any fans of the band, such as myself.

The little bit I heard of it sounded pretty good. But you can decide for yourself by clicking on the following link:

Listen To Clip Of New Pearl Jam Studio Recording “Again Today” By Brett Buchanan -  Feb 23, 2017

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