Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pearl Jam Taking Rest of Year Off, But Should Come Back Strong

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Got a little tired of talking about politics again, with the depressing state of the political scene in the world, and perhaps especially here in the United States. We have Donald Trump, the ultimate narcissist, in the Oval Office. And supporters of Hillary Clinton, the candidate that he beat in the election to get to where he is, still seem fixated on pointing the finger of blame at everyone else, and refusing to take responsibility, and to adamantly refuse to admit not even that their candidate was deeply flawed, but even reluctant to admit that she might have been flawed in any way at all. No kidding, I have a Facebook friend who actually wrote that she had never made a mistake in her life!

So sometimes, you just need to get away from that kind of nonsense, and realize that there is a whole world out there, as well. And in this spirit, it seemed as god a time as any to talk about one of my favorite bands, Pearl Jam, since they are about to play the concert for their induction into the Rock Hall of Fame.

Pearl Jam is enjoying a tremendous year so far, having been inducted into the Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility. And the usually very active band has decided to take a bit of a rest for the remainder of this year, at least, although they are promising to be back soon enough.

In the meantime, however, Eddie Vedder has a tour expected for later this year, as does Soundgarden, which is obviously pertinent to Matt Cameron, the drummer for both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Also, Soundgarden is expected to release a new album in the near future. 

Pearl Jam Are ‘Taking A Break,’ Huge News On When They’ll Return By Brett Buchanan -  Mar 27, 2017:

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