Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sam Harris Predicts Trump's Reichstag Fire

I have thought this same thing ever since election day, and am waiting for it. Remember that in the weeks before the election, one of his campaign offices was burned down, and he was blaming it on people before the facts were known. Plus, he has been railing against voter fraud and claiming that Obama wiretapped him, even though he offered not a shred of evidence in either case. 

And since Trump's popularity is seriously lagging at the moment, I think we had better count on Trump's Reichstag fire for the 21st century, truth be told. Anything that he can do to grab still more power for himself, because that is what the man is and always has been about. 

But will Americans pay attention, or will they fall for it, as I admittedly expect them to? 

Sam Harris: A ‘Reichstag fire moment’ is inevitable with Trump Eric W. Dolan, 10 April 2017:

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