Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Happy Mother's Day!

Yes, it's Mother's Day again!

Often times for many holidays, I have tried to go behind the scenes, if you will, to discover and publish the history of the holiday, but not this time.

Nope, this time, I just wanted to wish all of the mom's out there the very happiest possible Mother's Day! Mother's usually are the most hopeful and positive people out there, and more often than not, have sacrificed a lot for the benefit of their children and family. That certainly had been the case with my own mom, who's sacrifices and dedication to her own family are becoming clearer to me with each passing day, week, and year. Perhaps it is because I am getting older, and am seeing this more with the benefit of greater knowledge and experience, but it is also, at least in part, because her sacrifices continue, and usually without any real hesitation or, admittedly, seeming expectation to be thanked in what has too often been a thankless role.

That is a shame, and even though saying "Thank You" does not really do her, or mother's in general, justice, I will add my sincerest hopes that this will be the very happiest and most blessed Mother's Day of all!

Enjoy it! You deserve it most of all!