Monday, May 1, 2017

Malicorne's 'C'est le Mai'

The month of May is always a pleasure when it comes around. It is just one of those months that feels like what the most desirable weather should feel like. Winter is over, and if it has been a long and rough one, it finally has passed.

Yes, May is nice. With the excessive cold and icy winter conditions well behind, and with the excesses of the summer heat still usually some time ahead yet, May is often as ideal as you can get. Warm days and cool nights, as it should be. Those are the best kinds of days, and thus, it is always a pleasure to see May come around again.

There is a song about the month of May that I have come to appreciate and enjoy, and which has become kind of a tradition to play during this month in particular.  It is called "C'est le mai" and was performed by Malicorne many years ago, although they seem to like to play it still during their reunion shows.

So, I have come to try and play this particular song once May rolls around, as it has now, once again.

It seemed like a good idea to share this here, and so here are some various versions of this song, which to me is a pleasant reminder to appreciate the month of May.


  1. This is a bit late, and you obviously know this extremely short song as well, but for the benefit of anyone who isn't already familiar with Malicorne there's also "Voici venir le joli mai":

  2. Links I post here continue not to work...