Friday, June 9, 2017

British Election Results Not Good News For PM Theresa May

Much like with Hillary Clinton last year, who came in with a ton of momentum and was expected to win the Democratic nomination easily, and with virtually no real challenge, on her way to the White House and history as the first female American president, Theresa May was expected to be a sure thing by most of the pundits.

Much like with Hillary Clinton last year, the pundits were wrong. Clinton proved to be a weak candidate, and she suddenly struggled when Bernie Sanders' well-placed shots and well-reasoned arguments began to resonate with more and more people. Clinton's own talking points began to sound stale and overly processed, revealing that political machinery that kept her struggling campaign going. Prime Minister Theresa May was supposed to win this one easily, which was her idea, of course. She called this election, after all, under the assumption that she would be strengthened by it, and could go on to have a stronger hand in negotiating Britain's exit out of the European Union.

Instead, her party lost the majority that it had held in Parliament, and the uncertainty clouds the immediate future in Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn proved a strong challenge, and many compared him to Bernie Sanders. Indeed, the two shared many of the same talking points, and a similar overall message. Corbyn had been largely overlooked and underappreciated even weeks ago, and most people expected Prime Minister May to make short work of him. Surely, that was May's expectation's, as well.

Obviously, that did not happen. 

Still, all indications are that Theresa May will stay on as Prime Minister, and will try to form a new coalition government to stay in control. 

Seems like the British people are realizing, a bit too late, just how costly this Brexit thing is proving to be. A bit too little, and much too late!

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