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The Time That Paul McCartney Punched Eddie Vedder Right in the Face

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A lot of people have stories about times that they met celebrities, although usually, these are pretty short and unimpressive. I know some people who kind of boast about or having seen or met celebrities, although they "met" them as event signings, and then judge their character based on how much or how little they spoke in the 10 to 30 seconds that the noted personality was signing their book or record or whatever. 

I myself have some "stories" like this, although I can hardly brag about them, because it does not feel like actually meeting them. 

However, every now and then, you get a really interesting story like that. To some extent, I have some of those, too. Like the time that I was asking Eric Burdon of the Animals to sign a few things backstage, and happened to back into a waitress who then promplty spilled beer all over him.

I apologized, and he mumbled that it was alright. Frankly, he seemed so drunk, that he barely noticed anyway.

There are some other stories that people have that are interesting or insightful, surely, as well.

However, some people have some truly fascinating stories about famous people that they met, and not surprisingly, quite often, it winds up being someone famous who tells these stories.

Eddie Vedder is such a person. I remember reading something somewhere from him, when he recalled the first time that he met Pete Townsend. Being a big fan of The Who, Vedder felt almost awestruck, and was worried about making a fool of himself. Yet, it was Townsend who said, "I've been waiting a long time to meet you."

That was quite the reversal, wasn't it?

Yet, it is nothing compared to the story that Eddie Vedder can share about Paul McCartney. Many of us, myself included, can claim the privilege of having seen the former Beatle in concert, and fewer can claim to have met the man in person. But surely very, very few people out there can accurately claim to have gotten punched in the face by Sir Paul, although Eddie Vedder is one of those people.

When I first read that headline, my imagination went wild. Had Vedder said or done something to offend McCartney? Did he perhaps just catch him on a bad day? What could possibly have set McCartney off like that?

As it turns out, it was all just kind of a funny story, and there are certainly no hard feelings between them, or anything.

Click on the link below and read the story for yourself:

Paul McCartney once punched Eddie Vedder in the face by Rhian Daly Jun 12, 2017:

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