Friday, June 9, 2017

Some Antique Photos Depicting Life in the Real Wild West

I grew up in part on movies and cartoons of the Wild West, particularly the apparently little known Lone Ranger cartoons. There were always a ton of old westerns playing during those years, and the mythology of the old, Wild West were generally far more numerous than they appear to be nowadays.

Still, most people's impressions of the wild west were that they were indeed...well, wild. That there were showdowns at high noon on a regular basis in most towns of the Wild West, that tumbleweed was breezing through mostly deserted scenes on streets, and that everyone carried a hand gun, and trained to be a gunslinger.

Another thing that most people have long traditionally assumed was that most cowboys in the wild west were white.

But on one episode of the show "Adam Ruins Everything" that focused on the wild west, we learn that many of these impressions are just dead wrong. Both blacks and Hispanics were a huge presence in the old west, and that cowboys generally were not actually gunslingers, but basically shoveled crap all day long.

Also, women were a much stronger presence than we were previously led to believe, and that episode of "Adam Ruins Everything" went so far as to suggest, with some solid reasoning, that women in many ways were the reason that the Wild West came into being!

It is interesting what we learn over time, and how often these new realities that come to life suddenly essentially overthrow everything that we once thought we knew, huh?

Here are some old pictures of the real Wild West, which were quite interesting. Just click on the links below for a glimpse:

48 Snapshots Of Life In The Real Wild West By Mark Oliver on April 28, 2017:

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