Monday, July 3, 2017

Back From Canada

Yes, we are back!

This was the one big trip that we will be doing this calendar year, barring some really unforeseen circumstances. Granted, it was not nearly as long nor as extensive as the two Western trips that we took in the two prior summers.

However, this was the year to go to Canada, and I just did not want to miss this one! Like with Québec City's 400th anniversary back in 2008, this was one of those huge anniversaries that you just do not want to miss, if it can be helped. 

Luckily, we did not miss it.

Indeed, it reminded me a bit of the Paul McCartney free concert in Québec City in 2008, which was very enjoyable, and one of my fondest memories.  To some extent, it also reminded me a bit of the Three Tenors concert that we went to see in Paris back in 1998, for the Coupe du Monde/World Cup, when France both hosted and won it. It reminded me a bit of that, as well, because like that concert, this one was under the canopy of the city's most famous and distinguished landmark. With the Three Tenors, it was a stage under the domineering presence of the Eiffel Tower, while in Ottawa this past weekend, it was a stage under the also iconic Peace Tower of that city's Parliament Hill.

Not sure that this compared to either of those concerts, and it was nonetheless different. This was also a concert, although it was a bit more than that, a bit different than those other two, because it was not strictly a concert. Or, at least, not strictly just a concert.

This was a major event - billed by a few people, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as the biggest party in Ottawa's history, and that much I can definitely believe. He was there, and he gave a speech, as did Prince Charles. And other people were there, also in a speaking capacity, such as Shania Twain, who is better known for her singing career (which admittedly, I am not altogether familiar with).

And even though I am not a big fan of the Royal Family and/or Prince Charles, the presence of the Royal Couple also added another dimension to it. Again, it was not strictly speaking simply a concert, as it was more than that.

However, the musical acts were also definitely there. It started with Chorus, Chorus, Chorus, a local act and/or school for singing and performing based in Toronto. But there were other acts, including some traditional native artists and dancers, U2's Bono and The Edge, Buffy Saint-Marie, and Walk Off the Earth. Later in the evening, there were more musical acts, although we were not there for that.

There is a reason for that, however: it was unbelievably crowded!

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