Thursday, July 6, 2017

Driving Through the Adirondacks

On the many trips to Canada (and specifically, more often than not to Quebec City or Montreal) that I have taken, we tend to drive along I-87 through upstate New York. During this drive, we have the privilege of driving through the beautiful, picturesque Adirondacks.

Still, during such a long drive, there is, more often than not, a tendency to want to get to where you are going, and to keep stops along the way to a bare minimum.

Unfortunately, I will admit to not having stopped for pictures, let alone for more extensive visits of the Adirondacks, not nearly enough. Frankly, I cannot suggest that this trip was very much different in this regard, either. Usually, we stop at Lake George to grab a bite to eat and for gas, and this is what we did on this trip, also, both on the way up there, and on the way back.

However, on the return trip, I did try to make a point of stopping somewhere to get a couple of pictures of the Adirondacks, which are arguably the mountains on the east coast that have perhaps the most grandeur and majesty to them. These are impressive peaks, and would not look out of place in the Rockies, although there, they would not necessarily appear as towering as they do here on the east coast, where mountains generally speaking reach a much lower altitude.

Still, they are wonderful mountains, and there is an abundance of natural beauty here that cannot be ignored. Nor should they. And even though my trips up or down I-87 are often rushed to get to where I want and/or need to be, I have stopped to try and at least look at the surroundings at times.

Here are a few pictures from the stop this time around, with pictures of the mountains and the surrounding forests that offer only really a glimpse of the immense beauty that this entire region offers and is blessed with!

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