Sunday, July 23, 2017

Roller Skating During It's Heyday

Ran into this article earlier, and thought it was a bit of fun to go back in time to when roller skating was far more hip thing, and when roller rinks were one of the coolest places that you could go to.

Indeed, as this article suggests, roller rinks had everything! It was a place to go rolling around in, skating, of course. But you almost always had some fun places to eat, music blaring (which is always a turn on for young people, of course), and you also often had some extras, such as a built in arcade. Remember when arcades themselves were a thing, before the home video game systems basically put them out of business? 

Well, in any case, this article was a bit of a throwback to a different time. Or, at least, it might help you to remember a different time, when it was still a bit easier to go out and have a good time, when there were more places for young people to go.

Roller rinks used to be all over the place, much like arcades and bowling alleys. All of these things seem to be going by the wayside these days, because the focus, again, has been so much on having these conveniences at home, that many people hardly go out at all anymore. Or, they go out to nightclubs that blast that really crappy techno music, which tends to grate on my nerves, personally, and which, speaking for myself, I can only take in very small doses. 

In any case, here is a link that allows you to reminisce about roller skating at it's height, if you are so inclined. Please take a look:

Roller Skating Was Crazy Awesome!, Uncategorized | July 12, 2017:


  1. I miss roller rinks too. That's one of the many fond memories I associate with Liberty and the surrounding area: Gramma taking us there. I obviously didn't know how to do anything "advanced" (like dancing), but I had fun going around in ovals. As I recall I'd typically have an {obviously non-alcoholic) piña colada afterwards. Those things are so loaded up with sugar that they practically make soda seem sensible and nutritious by comparison. I didn't realize that having a bowling lane in one's home had become commonplace, however. Last I checked that's still pretty rare, and there are still plenty of bowling alleys around, even if our old go-to place, Butler Bowl, obviously isn't. Getting back to roller rinks, there's one in your old stomping grounds: Florham Park. Maybe we could check it out with Sébastien one of these days.

  2. I did not mean to suggest that bowling alleys were for the 1970's or 1980's, or that there are indoor bowling alleys in people's homes, but rather, that they were far more common back then than they are now. That said, there are bowling video games and online games available, so even if people do not have outright bowling alleys inside of their homes (although I heart Evander Holyfield does, or did), people still seem to be choosing the home video game version of this more than the real thing. I also remember ice skating rinks, which were a lot of fun back in the day, as well. A lot of fun things from back then seem to have gone the way of the disco tecs.

  3. I was just busting your chops regarding the bowling thing, though all kidding aside I would be surprised if the people who bowled for years – particularly those who did so competitively in leagues – derive as much pleasure from "virtual" bowling as they do from the real thing. Mind you, I could just be projecting my own preferences onto those people. I mean, if for instance there were a "virtual pétanque" game I would be more than happy to give it a try, but by no means would I consider it a replacement for the games we play on baseball diamonds. Getting back to roller skating, are you familiar with the actual town of Florham Park, or mostly just the highway getting to your former job?

  4. I went through Floram Park here and there a few times. Might even have stopped at the supermarket there. Also, am somewhat familiar with the surrounding area, which includes a campus of Fairleigh-Dickinson, believe it or not. But that said, that was stretched over the course of years, and I rarely have needed to go through it in recent years, so no, cannot say that I'm all that familiar.

  5. Here's an idea that may be more convenient for you: there's also a roller rink about 10 or 11 miles from you: (Inserting the link despite the fact they continue not to work here). Something to check out, though, maybe.