Saturday, August 12, 2017

Review of Giants-Steelers Game - August 11, 2017

I know what your saying to yourselves: "Who does this guy know to get such awesome tickets so damn close to the action?"

Going to preseasons games can be an opportune time for people like me, who do not have season tickets and never have, and who still like to catch a game or two, here or there. The weather during the summer is ideal, generally speaking, and ticket prices tend to be far, far cheaper than they will be come the regular season. Even if you have a really bad team, like the Jets this year are expected to be, the preseason tickets can be ridiculously cheap. I saw Jets tickets selling for $6, and I was able to obtain a pair of Giants tickets, with parking, for $30, to see them against the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

Try getting Giants for cheaper, at any time of the year!

So, that is why I like going to preseason games. It is easier on the wallet, often less filled with drunken idiots, which means safer and more pleasant. Finally, you often also have a real chance to get halfway decent seats. I have had quite a few close to the field, in various stadiums. Often times, the traffic is lighter both upon arrival and departure.

Of course, that does not assure you of the results that you want, although the sting of defeat is also not nearly so intense during the preseason.

Case in point, the Giants-Steelers game that I went to last night. For a Giants fan, which I obviously am, it was not exactly great news. All Giants fans likely will remember how the Giants defense was a crushing force last season, and the strength of the team. However, the offense was another story entirely. Despite big names, such as two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning, or all-star wide receivers like Odell Beckham, Jr., Victor Cruz, or emerging star Sterling Sheppard. Yet, the offense could not reach the 30-point plateau even once, despite being a playoff team!

Some people feel that the Giants have perhaps the best wide receivers of any team in the league for this upcoming season. And again, a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback in Manning. So, why such limited production? Well, the offensive line has some holes, and the running game needs some help, of course.

Which is why it was frustrating to see the Giants struggle as much as they did last night, of course. They did not score any touchdowns, settling instead for four field goals scattered throughout the game. That does not exactly make for a super exciting game, especially when they are playing a team as tough as the Steelers, who managed to score a couple of touchdowns. That said, the good news here was the Pittsburgh's starting offense, for what it was worth, was not able to do that against New York's starting defense. Of course, it should be noted that neither starting quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger for Pittsburgh and Eli Manning for the Giants, played in this game at all.

However, the Giants offense did not look much better, if at all. Twice they went to the red zone, and twice the threat was ended with turnovers. And young T.J. Watt - J.J. Watt's younger brother - was impressive in his debut in a Steelers uniform, nabbing two sacks. That should assure him a spot on the roster, right? In fact, the Steelers defense seemed to have a lot of sacks, and pressured Giants quarterbacks all game long. Other stand outs for the black and gold included Arthur Moats.

For Pittsburgh's offense, Josh Dobbs filled in capably at quarterback, and did so nicely. He showed some promise. He did have two early interceptions, but he also was able to complete a 28-yard touchdown pass.

As for the Giants, former Jets starting quarterback Geno Smith played well enough to likely secure the second spot behind Manning, although the Steeler defense was able to get to him and smother him at times.

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