Tuesday, August 1, 2017

"The Charbor Chronicles" Reaches Half a Million Views!

Some may remember that I last shared a landmark in terms of views of "The Charbor Chronicles" on November 11, 2016, when I received 250,000 views.

That was a landmark, and it took me nearly six years to reach it. Now, however, I am proud to announce half a million views, and it is considerably less than one year later, which is staggering to me!

I started this blog back in December of 2010, thanks largely to the encouragement of my girlfriend back then, Anina. She said that I should have a blog, which would allow me to write and publish stuff regularly. At the time, I did not know much about blogs, and for some reason, assumed that these were difficult and complicated and somehow inaccessible to me. She told me otherwise, said that it would be easy to start one, and that I could make it into something with my writing.

Indeed, it proved surprisingly easy to set up a blog, and so "The Charbor Chronicles" was born. However, it was difficult to start with, because I remained unsure of what to write about. Frankly, mind tends to wander quite a bit, and I have been told that my mind, and my tastes, as quite eclectic, and seemingly random. With considerable enthusiasm, it tends to wander from subject to subject, so that I can discuss many things that have nothing to do with one another. Perhaps it is musical tastes (and my tastes there have also been described as eclectic), but then it might be politics (a big subject for me) the next hour. However, talking about politics with complete strangers has never been my forte, since people seem to militant in their beliefs. Perhaps I can talk about sports, although believe it or not, despite some obviously lingering interests in sports, my actual interest in watching games and learning about players and such has dwindled considerably since I was a younger man. Perhaps it can be history, because it has always fascinated me, and was actually my major at Rutgers. Perhaps it can old comics and cartoons and toys, which also often interest me (well, the ones that I was into during my childhood, anyway). Perhaps it is philosophy, or spirituality. Perhaps it is simply in discussing or reviewing a book that I recently read, or a movie or concert that I just saw. 

Whatever the subject matter, it seemed to me at the time that maybe I should at least start off a little focused, to have some kind of a theme, even though my mind tends to wander. However, I was reluctant to talk at length about any of these things mentioned above, because although interested me, and I could go on and on about some of them, it seemed presumptuous to assume they would interest others. As if to prove that point, whenever I go back and visit some of my older writings, there are still some entries with exactly zero views. Not once has anyone opened those particular blog posts to view them, and that includes myself!

Still, it has come a long way. From those very early, almost hesitant posts in the first couple of years, when I posted a mere 27 blog entries in both 2010 and 2011 combined (and only three in all of 2010!), to now, when there have been 3,879 published posts, with now over half a million views! It feels great to have reached that milestone, and I feel humbled by it, as well as thankful to all the people who have viewed any of my posts. "The Charbor Chronicles" still is not precisely where I would want it to be, although there have been some successes, for which I am proud. Mostly, though, it is for me to say thank you for everyone who has tuned in and who continue to come to this site to read my latest thoughts, however random these tend to be!

Thanks again!!