Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trump White House Circus Continues Full Steam

Yup! The absurdity continues unabated.

Yesterday marked yet another busy newsmaking day in the Trump White House, and typically, it was for all the wrong reasons.


Another high-ranking official was forced out of the White House.


And in a related story, another high-ranking official took office, looking to finally rein in all of this nonsense and bring some semblance of order and discipline into an administration that has lacked each of those qualities.


This time, the man out of the Trump administration is none other than Anthony Scaramucci, often referred to as "The Mooch." Scaramucci had been in his position as Communications Director for the Trump White House for all of ten days, before being forced out by the newest member of the Trump administration, John F. Kelly, who officially took on his new role as the White House Chief of Staff yesterday.

Really, it is hard to imagine that Kelly, whatever his credentials, will be able to change the image and direction of the disastrous Trump administration. After all, the man who is in charge, Trump himself, looks increasingly unhinged. His is not normal behavior, especially for a man in such a high position like this.

Will Kelly be able to rein this guy in?

Frankly, it seems unlikely. After all, so far, all we have seen from the Trump administration is relentless chaos and idiocy. Trump is a clown, and he has brought his circus act to the White House. Some other presidents have obviously been guilty of conduct that is beneath the dignity of the office that they held, but Trump seems determined to define his presidency by such behavior, that it is both disgusting and outrageous. So far, White House positions have been so temporary, that it feels like this is a revolving door kind of a workplace. We see some members of Trump's cabinet envious or distrustful of others, accusing others, and we saw one clown in the model of Trump himself almost put Trump to shame with his lunacy, pettiness, and profanity. Really, it has just been staggering, how bad things have been with the Trump White House thus far.

It's almost as if he has no business being president to begin with, huh?

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