Sunday, November 13, 2016

NFL 2016-17 Week 10 Picks

Kansas City at Carolina - This is a good one! These two teams present a good match-up, as the Chiefs try to stay hot against a Carolina team that seemed to be asleep for most of this season, but appears to finally be waking up. If this game was in Arrowhead, I would imagine the Chiefs would rough up the Panthers and hand them another win. But since it is in Carolina, both teams have a good chance. This could be anyone's game, although I have to pick a winner, right? My pick: Carolina

Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets - The Jets cannot seem to get anything consistent going this season, although for this game, at least they have home field advantage, as well as a relatively weak and vulnerable opponents that has not won in well over a month now. New York should be able to add to that, as they should be able to notch a much-needed win, because they can no longer simply afford any silly losses in games that they should win. My pick: NY Jets

Minnesota at Washington - It would be nice if Minnesota could end their current three game losing streak, but it is hard to imagine that they will manage to pull off the feat on the road in Washington. A few weeks ago, the Vikings would surely have entered this game as clear cut favorites. But a great deal has changed in those few weeks, both for the country, and for these Vikings. My pick: Washington

Green Bay at Tennessee - The Packers are not the same team as they have been in recent seasons, and that does not bode well for them. The Titans are also not the same team that they have been in recent seasons, and that bodes very well for them. This game is in Tennessee. Not long ago, I would have easily picked Green Bay, and can still see them straightening things out for a much-needed, and frankly overdue, win here. However, the way that they have been playing, they have to show something before we can believe it, and the Titans have been improving considerably. My pick: Tennessee 

Denver at New Orleans - Another intriguing match up. If this game was to be played at Mile High, it would be a no brainer. But since it is in the Big Easy, both teams have a chance. The Saints are pretty hot at the moment, while Denver is reeling after a stinging loss to the Silver and Black last weekend. New Orleans has a chance to surprise an elite team here, but most likely, they will not. My pick: Denver

Chicago at Tampa Bay - These two teams used to play this game regularly, as they were formerly division rivals. But those days are now gone. Neither of these teams are very good at the moment, but Chicago has been playing better, and the Bucs, despite some hiccups, seem to be generally improving. It could go back and forth, but ultimately, the home team takes it. My pick: Tampa Bay

Houston at Jacksonville - The Texans remain winless on the road. But the Jaguars have showed some strong signs of improvement lately, and I suspect that they will do so again today. That is why I will predict a victory for them over the Texans. My pick: Jacksonville

Atlanta at Philadelphia - The Falcons are again hot, while the Eagles continue to struggle. Thankfully for Philly, this is a home game, otherwise, it likely would not look too good. This game could go either way, although my money would be on the Atlanta, with their hot offense, especially since the Eagles seem quite inconsistent. My pick: Atlanta

Miami at San Diego - The Dolphins are red hot, but the Chargers are right there with them. Plus, this game is in San Diego. Funny, but even after all of these years, even decades, have passed, I still think of the game back in the 1981-82 playoffs between these two teams. This will be a good match-up too, although not likely quite as memorable as that one. My pick: San Diego

San Francisco at Arizona - The 49ers have the second longest active losing streak in the league right now, while the Cardinals, a team that entered the season seemingly as one of the elites, absolutely need this victory just to keep relevant. Not much to suggest that San Francisco can pull this one off here. My pick: Arizona

Dallas at Pittsburgh - This was once the greatest Super Bowl rivalry in history, and perhaps the best rivalry in the NFL. Right now, the Cowboys enter as one of the hottest teams in the NFL, while the Steelers are sporting a three-game losing streak. Still, they have home field advantage, and that should help, at least. Still, the Cowboys are flying high, and right now, they have considerable momentum, while Pittsburgh might be getting used to losing at the moment. But it has to end at some point, and the Steelers have to be highly motivated for this one! My pick: Pittsburgh

Sunday Night Football - Seattle at New England - A rematch of the famous Super Bowl that ended in the hugely controversial 2nd and 1 decision that most people believe cost Seattle a second straight title. The Seahawks have the revenge factor on their side, but it will be tough, being in New England on a cold November night, hoping for a win. I would like to say that Seattle takes a small measure of revenge but, it seems to me, smart money is on the Patriots. My pick: New England

Monday Night Football - Cincinnati at New York Giants - Well, the Giants have a bit of a winning streak, with three straight under their belt, and they are hosting Cincinnati, a team that has not looked particularly impressive so far this season. The Giants really have to win this game to keep up with Dallas, as they keep threatening to pull away with it should the rest of the NFC East falter. My pick: NY Giants

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