Thursday, November 17, 2016

Statue of Liberty Leaves United States

This was just a humor piece, not meant to be taken seriously or anything. Just a joke article, a spoof about the Statue of Liberty packing up and leaving American shores following the election of Donald Trump.
There is more than a small grain of truth behind this sentiment, though, particularly since Trump won not on continuing some of the best traditions of American history, in accepting immigrants looking for a better life, of being the land of opportunity, and of accepting people of various cultures and religions and races. In fact, Trump largely won on a platform that espoused the opposite views, that spoke of xenophobia, of racism and sexism, and of closing our borders to immigrants, particularly to Mexicans and Muslims.
And so, it seemed fitting to share this link, which I hope you will take a look at.
Thanks to my brother for bringing this to my attention.

Statue of Liberty Moves Back to France      November 8, 2016

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