Saturday, December 24, 2016

Al Franken Discusses President Donald Trump & the Four Years to Come

Remember the days when Al Franken was a member of Saturday Night Live - albeit kind of an outside member, not as prominent as others who saw more air time?

Franken was quite funny. I remember him being SNL's version of Senator Paul Simon during the mock Presidential debate, and saying that he scored big by wearing a bow tie. I also remember him wearing a heavy satellite on his head and doing some live feeds of news. Often, disaster struck shortly thereafter for the reporter on the field. 

Well, things have changed considerably for Franken, who is now a prominent senator from the state of Minnesota. He still has a strong sense of humor, which now considerable weight to his political commentary. He often is an intelligent and insightful politician (which is, frankly, a relative rarity), even if his pro-Hillary and pro-establishment stance was rather annoying and far too predictable for my tastes.

Still, he has something to say and, again since he is a Senator now, he has the platform in which to say things, and get them out there. And of course, right now, there really one major topic to discuss in Washington: the impending arrival of President Donald Trump, who will get inaugurated on January 20th. Not only will he have the White House, but on top of it, he will have a heavily Republican Congress to work with. And they will very likely waste no time in dismantling Obamacare, weakening EPA protections against big polluters, denying the reality of climate change, giving tax breaks and incentives that we cannot afford to the very richest among us, as well as to corporations, and apparently, initiating a new arms race, just to make sure that the military industrial complex remains ever privileged and all-powerful, because we just cannot ever allow their grip on the country to ever loosen even slightly. True, Eisenhower warned us about them, but why should that stop them, or prevent us from going back to sleep whenever we hear anyone sounding the alarms about what is going on? We elected Trump, after all, and surely he will be tooting his own horn at every turn, and most likely will be doing so through his ridiculous, infamous tweets. He will do things that run counter to logic and common sense, and while so doing, we will have to hear his own absurd opinions about just how smart of a man he is, and how he is the only one who can save this country of 320 million people or so. He seems to sincerely believe himself to be the smartest and most qualified individual among the 320 million people, and we will get to listen to this arrogance time and time again for the next four, and possibly eight, years, given his enormous platform on which to speak as president. Trump is now the face and voice of America, as pathetic as that statement is.

And so Al Franken has a lot to talk about, although the future for this former comedian is something that he does not find all that funny anymore.

Here is the link to the article on Senator Al Franken, and his take on how the next four years will shape up:

Al Franken Faces Donald Trump and the Next Four Years The second-term Democratic senator, who once made a living satirizing politicians, envisions an unfunny future.  By Mark Leibovich, December 13, 2016:

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