Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The 50th Anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival

Meant to publish this earlier, but just never quite got around to it. This is my attempt to remedy that, because this concert really should be honored and not forgotten. It was a huge concert that was hugely influential, and helped to pave the way for an even bigger concert a couple of summers later at Woodstock.

It has been half a century now since that first major music festival, and it remains one of the most legendary concerts in history. This was where Otis Redding grew into a legend. This was where Jimi Hendrix lit his guitar on fire. This was where Eric Burdon changed his career, and was himself forever changed by the experience. He even dedicated a song to it, titled simply "Monterey."

No doubt, it was a huge concert, and not only one of the greatest live concerts in history, but also one that helped to define the sixties.

Again, I missed the 50th anniversary last week, although it seems like a good idea to remedy that now, and honor one of the most legendary concerts in music history.

Monterey Pop at 50: the day Otis Redding became a legend:

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