Monday, July 24, 2017

Donald Trump Jr Already Tired of These White House Years

Can you imagine this?

Donald Trump, Jr., the son of our overly privileged manchild president, born with a silver spoon up his ass just like his father, sounds a whole lot like he's whining right about now!

Get this: while still a high ranking member of the Trump campaign, he took a meeting with a Russian official who offered him some incriminating information on Hillary Clinton, apparently just wanting to help the Trump people out. Of course, Junior wants his father to be president, so he goes ahead with the meeting, and whether or not the information given was used or not, or even if it actually helped Trump win the White House. 

Frankly, we might never really know that.

What we do know is that he sounded very interested and enthusiastic to take the information from a foreign official, to help out his father's campaign, and later tried to hide all of this. Eventually, the story was being relentlessly pursued by the New York Times, and Junior decided to release those emails because of this pressure.

We do not know yet what will become of this story. We do not know if Junior will be punished in some fashion or other, or if other high ranking members of the Trump campaign might also be found to have incriminating evidence against them. We do not know how high this goes up (although the president's son is pretty high!), or if it will lead to anything. 

What we can surmise is that there was clear intent there, and enthusiastic intent, at that. Junior wanted that information, and took the meeting, against what would probably be most people's better judgment. Junior himself now wishes he had made better decisions, although you obviously cannot go back in time. He did what he did, and this whole story has compromised the credibility, and possibly even the legal standing, of the entire administration. 

Now, Junior is whining. He is tired of all of this, and just wants these four years of his father's term in office to be over and done with already!

Yeah, well, believe me, pal, plenty of people can relate to this. At least in terms of politics.

I do not want the next four years to necessarily rush by, but I will be glad to see Donald Trump gone from office, and indeed, I do very much hope that it will happen in January of 2021 at latest. But who knows? Perhaps he will be impeached first.

But since it seems that the Republican Congress is not interested in holding a GOP President to account, then we can likely look forward to three and a half more years of this kind of nonsense, if not longer! 

“[Trump] doesn’t like failure and mistakes, and he doesn’t accept them,” a source told People magazine.

Yeah? Well then maybe he will not even bother to run in 2020, because frankly, the whole Trump presidency has been one huuugge mistake! It is surely the darkest political moment in the recent history of the United States, to be sure.

Donald Trump Jr Just ‘Wants These Four Years to Be Over,’ Says People Cover Story  The Wrap Brian Flood The WrapJuly 19, 2017

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