Friday, July 7, 2017

Happy Birthday to Ringo Starr - Peace & Love! Peace & Love!

Ringo Starr Signature Series

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Ringo Starr and all his band

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Yes, today, July 7th, marks Ringo Starr's birthday.

There is one thing that I have really enjoyed about this particular date since around 2010. On that date, I was blessed enough to attend a Ringo Starr concert on the occasion of his 70th birthday. I got tickets months before, because I had a feeling there would be some special guests. Turns out, not only was that the case, but then some! The main special guest that everyone, myself included, hoped for, and eventually got, was, of course, Paul McCartney. When he came out, the place was completely energized, and there was so much shrill screaming, that you might be forgiven for thinking that it was 1964 again, and that instead of Radio City Music Hall, the event might instead have been the live broadcast of The Ed Sullivan Show. It was surreal!

When asked publicly what he wanted as a birthday gift, Ringo responded by saying that at noon time on that day, he wanted everyone to give the peace sign with their fingers (making a "V"), and say, "Peace and love! Peace and love!"

So, let me do it a bit early, and say it in print here: "Peace and love, Ringo! Peace and love!"

Oh, and a happy birthday to Ringo Starr, as well!

And here is the entire concert of over two hours, from start to finish!

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