Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Quebec City Pics in Sepia

Quebec City is unique in North America. It is rich in both beauty and history, as well as modern relevance, particularly political relevance as the provincial capital city of Quebec province.

That would make it important by itself, yet there is something else that makes this place stand apart. Perhaps it is that it blends the romance and political relevance like few cities can. Yes, there are handsome government buildings and spacious, sculpted lawns adorning these, but it is far more that makes this particular city stand out.

Walk these cobbled streets of the old downtown, and you see an open air museum that would not feel out of place in the Old World. There are stone homes dating back to the 1600's, which is positively ancient by New World, and especially North American, standards. There are old churches also dating back centuries, and all of this is tucked away inside of the walls. Indeed, this is the only walled city on the continent north of the Mexican border. The outdoor cafes confirm this Old World feel even more. 

Plus, there are dramatic views here. It is here where the wide St. Lawrence waterway narrows and becomes a river, and the view from where the city is perched on a bluff overlooking all of this reveals a wide open natural world that brings a definitive North American feel to this town that otherwise feels like it belongs in the Old World. 

The thing is, I have been here numerous times before, because I love coming here. During those years, there have been plenty of pictures snapped. So, I wanted to do something different, to take pictures that would be distinct from the previous pictures, that would stand out in some way. And so, I tried to take these pics in Sepia and black and white. 

Unfortunately, my phone was acting up, which delayed access to these photos, so more might be coming. But at least some of them came out here, and that is what I will share now.

Quebec City in Sepia:

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