Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bernie Sanders Wins Coal Rich West Virginia


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Yes, Bernie Sanders won the West Virginia primary last evening, and convincingly, at that.

It was the 19th primary that Sanders has won.

Of course, the major news media, at least here in the United States, always add that he is basically too far behind to have any hope of catching Hillary Clinton up, and that seems to be the recurring theme. It is a bit strange that they do not focus too much on why the presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, is not winning these primaries by now, like Donald Trump is doing on the Republican side.

But hey, it has been a long time since we have had anything resembling fair news coverage, since certain corporate interests with obvious interests in who gets elected control the media coverage. That is why Hillary seems to be everyone's darling.

Still, despite all of this favorable coverage, and despite the media not taking her to task for so much corruption and shady ties and deal, and despite the millions that she receives from corporate sponsors, and finally, despite her presumed position as the inevitable Democratic nominee, she continues to lose primaries like this.

Bernie keeps moving forward, keeps urging his followers to keep fighting, and keeps trying to push a political agenda that would redesign the national priorities, so that the system will not be so lopsidedly, transparently favorable to what amounts to corporate supremacy via tax breaks and incentives and corporate welfare, as well as tax breaks for the wealthiest among us, while those who need help are turned away as a matter of course. Very costly wars in every sense should be truly the very last resort, instead of being promoted as a new business opportunity to sell to the American taxpayer.

We can have many of the most beneficial things that are taken for granted in literally every other industrialized nation, such as affordable, universal healthcare, a healthier environment to live in via more stringent environmental regulations and enforcement, affordable investment in rebuilding infrastructure, and an improved education system that actually prepares kids for the future.

A better world, and a better country, is possible. But we are not going to get there by doing the same things and repeating the same mistakes from our past. We are not going to see meaningful change if we elect Hillary Clinton into the White House, because on so many levels, she represents the very worst elements of the old way of doing things. She is a politician - a career politician - with a team that tells her what she should say, and who she should say it to. She knows how to say one thing, and do another, yet spin it so that it does not sound nearly so bad. She has ties to the biggest banks and corporations that have been such a huge problem, and this corporate culture that Clinton so shamelessly promotes is starting to feel like a virus spreading across the globe, affecting people's quality of life for the worst.

If we elect Hillary into office, it will be much more of the same.

If we elect Bernie Sanders, we will get someone who at least fights for real change, and who has a vision for a brighter, more noble future for America, and for all of us who live here.

The choice is ours. Let's make it a wise one.

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