Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana Primary


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Nope, it's not nearly over yet.

This is proof positive that you cannot believe the major American news media, who keep incessantly suggesting that it is already over, that Hillary is inevitable, that she is the de facto nominee, and that Bernie and his supporters are simply wasting their time and effort.

Funny, because you very rarely ever see them talking about the scandals involving voter suppression in Arizona and New York, although officials in both states have taken these reports very seriously, and opened investigations. What seems equally funny (and not in a particularly humorous sense) to me is that many of the same Democrats who were so outraged by the voting scandals that deprived Al Gore of the victory in the 2000 election seem perfectly fine when it is their candidate who came out on top after similar fishy stories this time around.

Still, the fight continues, and if there was ever a sign that people just are not ready yet to accept Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, her loss to Bernie Sanders in Indiana yesterday is it. After all, on the Republican side, the voters were obviously very reluctant to accept Donald Trump. But once it became clear that he was going to be the presumptive nominee, and that no one else was really going to be able to stop him, they have come to accept it, and come out to vote for him.

Not so with Hillary, who represents the establishment in a party that, historically, did not so readily accept establishment figures.

Of course, Hillary pretends not to see this, and this is where she has something else in common with George W. Bush who, as you recall, began announcing his candidate and acting the part of president, even while the actual issue of who won that election had not yet been decided. Yes, Hillary is looking past Bernie Sanders, or at least acting like it, despite the losses that she still suffers in elections.

Sanders has won 18 primaries, which is far more than Ted Cruz had thus far. Yet, the media kept talking about how a contested convention on the Republican side was a virtual certainty, inevitable, while the assumption was that Hillary had this thing locked up. You hear it so often, that if you are not careful, you begin to believe it.

But Sanders is still fighting, and still winning. Still handing Hillary losses, and still standing in between her and the Democratic nomination. Clearly, the Democratic elites, including Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, among many others, just want him to go away so that Hillary can get the nomination. And that clearly seem willing to go to significant lengths to make sure that it happens, as well. That is why so many people feel absolutely disgusted with Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and other prominent, establishment Democrats.

We who support Sanders need to keep fighting, need to keep resisting the urge to believe the mainstream media. After all, these are the same guys who gave us fabricated reasons for justifying the invasion of Iraq. They are all in support of Hillary Clinton, but we should not allow antidemocratic forces to take away that most precious right, which is the right to vote and choose our own fate. To choose our own leaders.

In Indiana last night, despite this being yet another race that Hillary was supposed to win to confirm her superior status, she was handed a defeat. The voters in Indiana made their choice, and it was not Hillary Clinton. They are not ready to have the Democratic Party elite force her down their throats yet.

Let us be thankful, and let us also keep fighting for a better American democracy.

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