Saturday, June 11, 2016

Scary & Dangerous Road Trips Within the U.S.

It's summertime again!

Well, almost. I know, technically summer does not officially begin until later this month.

Still, the weather generally is warm, and getting warmer as we go along. Kids in the schools are acting up, just itching to get out, knowing that the final, blessed day of school for this academic year is right around the corner now.

People are beginning to make plans for summer vacation trips, and that includes, yes, yours truly.

So, it seemed like a good idea to add this little article into the blog, just to get into the spirit of things. This is an article that focuses on the most dangerous road trips to potentially take within the United States. A couple of these hardly seemed dangerous, although I can certainly imagine how that the highways up on top of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado - without guardrails - would feel quite daunting. That said, someday, I hope to be able to see it for myself, with my son by my side.

In any case, this definitely seemed worth sharing, and so here it is:

5 dangerous road trips to take on in the United States Monday, April 4, 2016

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