Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Entertainment at the Trump Inauguration

Image courtesy of Meditation Technique's Facebook page

Okay, so the big news this week is the upcoming inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump to the White House.

So far, Trump has had some difficulty in securing decent talent to perform in his honor for this big event. He has Toby Keith, Three Doors Down,, that's about it.

Oh, and actor John Voigt is going to be there, too. Can't forget about that.


Well, here at the Charbor Chronicles, getting you behind the scenes and taking you inside of this Yuge! event is obviously a priority. And so, without further ado, here is an exclusive preview of preparations for the ceremonies revolving around the Inauguration of Donald Trump!

Clearly, Trump's got the best entertainment around. I mean, you want to talk about talent? Please. You know good talent? Let me tell you, Trump's got the best talent. Nobody does talent like Trump! There's nobody in the whole world who has the talent of Trump!


  1. Well, in the event that things get a little dull, he can always play his trump card (pun intended) by bringing out a prestigious supporter to liven things up. "Ladies and gentlemen: Scott Baio, alias Chachi from 'Happy Days'! Make some nnnnnoooooiiiiissssseeeee!"

  2. That footage is hilarious, by the way. It would be too funny if it turned out those guys had added themselves to the ever-growing list of performers who declined to be a part of the inauguration. [Trump staffer on the phone with booking agent] "Really, even the Springsteen tribute band ultimately decided to cancel because The Boss himself told them they'd be dead to him if they went through with it? That sucks. Oh well, at least we can count on those weird European guys in the wooly suits – what the hell were they called – oh yeah, 'Krampus 2013 Wörgl'. Maybe that will get the crowd pumping. WHAT?? Even they blew us off?? Man, this just keeps going from bad to worse..."

  3. I loved the footage, too. Krampus is actually supposed to be Santa's evil helper, if you will. There are ceremonies of it around the world, somewhat in the vein of Halloween or spooky Mardi Gras, and other such ceremonies. This one was apparently from the 2013 Krampus festival in Wordi. As for the inauguration itself, I made a point of not tuning in. This man is a reality tv personality, not a president. Figured it would hurt his feelings if his biggest moment got low television ratings, which would hurt his ego. So I tried to do my part.

  4. I didn't watch either, despite the fact that I probably could have via live streaming, on what was a fairly slow day at work. I'm hoping that the "honeymoon" if you will is very short, and that the lion's share of the clowns who voted for him enter "My God, what have we done" mode sooner than later. The turnout for his inauguration was apparently way smaller than it was for Obama eight years ago, which is perhaps an "encouraging" sign, to the extent that it's possible to derive actual encouragement these days. On a lighter note, I wasn't familiar with Krampus. Did Basia introduce you to that particular bit of folklore? And how's she doing?