Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jonathan Pie Reviews Trump's Inaugural Speech

You remember Jonathan Pie, right?

He's the British journalist who has made a habit of coming up with videos where he shares his true feelings on the latest major news events around the world. I have already posted some of his videos and written a bit about them in the past.

Well, he's at it again.

And if you thought he had a lot to say about our giant orange snowflake before, following his election victory, you better believe that he has even more to say now that we have a taste of what's to come.

Trump had what a lot of people - even many of his fellow Republicans - are calling the most shallow and disturbing inaugural address in history.  Indeed, listening to him speak (and am I alone in already being sick of his gestures and body language while speaking?), you really got the sense that this guy knocked down the dignity of that office by several notches. I mean, this guy is so bad, he almost makes George W. Bush look reasonable and distinguished by way of comparison, and that's hard to do!

What a blemish on this nation this man, and his pathetic, lying, blatantly corrupt administration is!

That is why we need some commentary like this. Jonathan Pie is able to dissect this ridiculous excuse for a President.

Pie's commentary is quite astute and adds some considerable perspective to the walking, talking breathing bag of paradoxes and villainy that is Donald Trump. Things like this are at least a bit of silver lining for the dark cloud that is the Trump presidency. 

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  1. Finally got to see this as well. "American Carnage – sounds like a fucking wrestling tournament!" Brilliant. As for his asking why Trump's voters aren't up in arms in response to the perfectly valid points made in this clip, the simple answer is those voters are afflictingly fucking stupid people who celebrate the very things Pie is lamenting here.