Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump Claims That U.S. Can Never Default Because More Money Will Be Printed

A lack of understanding of some basic economic truths can be extremely dangerous. This is probably especially true when you have a leader of the land mired in ignorance, yet who believes himself to be a genius.

This is the problem that we have right now in this country, and will have for at least the next four years.

Trump actually seems to believe that all we have to do to pay the national debt is to print more money.

Obviously, that will not work. 

For proof of that, just ask Germans who lived between the two world wars, and who needed barrel loads of money to buy a loaf of bread, because their ill-advised leaders of the time thought this exact same thing!

You know what? I know a Facebook friend of mine, a supporter of Donald Trump (naturally), who posted a damning meme of President Obama claiming that he basically said something similar. Here, Trump outright said something staggering in terms of the scope of ignorance involved from someone is such a position of power, but this Trump supporter, and others like him, have remained remarkably silent so far. 

Can you expect anything more?

Here is the article that got me on this topic of Trump's clear misunderstanding of economics:

Trump: U.S. will never default 'because you print the money'  By David Wright, CNN:


  1. The kicker is that he's supposedly decided to take an antagonistic, borderline confrontational stance towards China. Last I checked, they're one of our primary creditors, if not our primary one. Or, to put it more succinctly, they have us by the balls, and pissing them off might feasibly yield, shall we euphemistically say, less than delightful consequences.

  2. Yeah. if the next four years are not more comical than anything else (dark humor, I would imagine), then they will be unbelievably scary! Funny memory, I remember you mentioning on another inauguration day 16 years ago how depressing it was to hear the words "President George W. Bush." This is worse.

  3. Yes, it is indeed worse. I'm reduced to hoping that his popularity (which, as fervent as some of his supporters are, isn't overly high) plummets in the not too distant future, and that the powers that be in Washington (Democrats and perhaps even some Republicans) work together to thwart as much as possible of his sickening agenda. Here's a scary thought, by the way. Imagine the two of us having a future conversation about a newly elected president that goes something like this: "Man, to think we thought it couldn't get any worse than Dubya, until we were proven wrong when Trump got elected, but now THIS. President Ted Nugent, Vice-President Kid Rock." Nothing really surprises me anymore...