Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bernie Sanders’ Healthcare Plan Would Save Average American Family Over $1,00 Per Year

I know that I have posted this kind of thing before, but it bears repeating: Bernie Sanders has been blasted for being unrealistic when it comes to his plan for a universal, single payer healthcare system that would bring affordable healthcare to all Americans, once it would be seen as a right, and not some sort of privilege that comes at the expense of hefty profits for the CEO's and shareholders for health insurance industry and pharmaceuticals.

Here is confirmation that his system would work and, on average, would save the average American family over $1,000 a year. Plus, similar systems exist in literally every other industrialized nation in the world, and none of those countries have looked at the American model and felt it was superior or enviable in any way. None of those countries opted to try the American model, although here in America, affordable healthcare is always an issue in every election in recent memory.

It's time already. Let's get this done.

Go Bernie!

Politifact Confirms Bernie Sanders’ Healthcare Plan Will SAVE Every American Family $1,200/YearAmanda Girard | January 13, 2016

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