Sunday, March 13, 2016

Illness Appears to be Lifting

Like the sunshine breaking through the last of the storm clouds, I can feel that this sickness, or a virus that has apparently been going around, finally seems to be lifting. The worst elements of it - which I would say was that most unpleasant burning in the chest whenever the seemingly uncontrollable coughing would start - finally appear to be receding.

Now, that does not mean that I am no longer still under the weather, because I am. Still feel unusually tired all of the time, although my arms and legs just feel a bit more tired than usual, rather than that feeling from just a few days ago that they each weighed over 100 lbs. My legs were wobbly whenever I got up, and I felt dizzy, and at times had to catch myself from falling. It sometimes reminded me of descriptions of boxers leaning on their opponents and trying not to let their wobbly legs go out from under them.

Yes, there is still some congestion, and I still have a ticklish feeling at the back of my throat that too often leads to coughing fits. But these are small coughing fits, not the out of control coughing which would be accompanied by that excruciating burning in my chest. I can still feel it a little bit at times, but it is merely a trace of what it was at the height of my discomfort.

Overall though, the congestion is considerably less than what it was, but still there. So is the burning, although neither as often nor as pronounced. I am tired, but not as completely drained as Wednesday on particular, when I slept more than I ever remember sleeping before.

Indeed, it feels like this thing has lifted quite a bit. What I imagine is necessary is to get as much rest as possible, and to take it easy for the next several days, and make sure that I am still on the road to recovery, because this was the most serious sickness that I had in a few years, and no one wants to see this kind of thing revisited.

So, not at 100%, but feeling better and far more energetic than before. Things at least look like they are looking up, and that is enough to make me feel happy and encouraged for now.

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