Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama’s “Jedi” Reference Further Divides an Already Polarized

Yesterday, I posted my assessment of the presidency of Barack Obama, which seems like it is a mixed bag. There were some successes and some failures. His proactive approach on the environment during his second term has helped to alleviate his failure to address it during his first term. His opening of relations with Cuba (and he is there on an official trip as I write this) was something that this country was frankly overdue for, and will surely be remembered as a major part of his legacy. And to his credit, he managed to turn around the economy considerably after he inherited it in a position where it was in the toilet following eight years of George W. Bush and all of the corporate scandals that surrounded those years.

However, the middle class is still hurting, and Obama seems to be too lenient on big banks and major corporations that continue to exert unbelievable control over American politics, and which is making this country a worse place overall. He did not close Gitmo, and continued many practices that many of us had hoped would end after Bush left office. And again, it seemed that he slipped any action on the environment throughout his first term.

So, there have been better presidents, although there also certainly have been worse presidents, as well. Any doubts about that, and just take a look at the man who preceded him, and the embarrassment of mistakes and missteps to choose from during those eight long years.

Also, he just seems more connected to the American people, more with it, if you will. He is into some things that make him very much a typical American, such as Superman. Hard to imagine a born and bred elitist like George W. Bush putting Superman stickers on a laptop.

Or, for that matter, making reference to Jedi mind tricks, which President Obama did recently, as well - although it should be noted that he screwed that one up. Somehow, he managed to confuse the Jedi mind trick with the Vulcan mind-meld from Star Trek, although most people would forgive him this, given that he is not known for being a science fiction geek, or anything.

Here, specifically, is what the president said:

"I know that this has been some of the conventional wisdom that's been floating around Washington that somehow, even though most people agree that I'm being reasonable, that most people agree I'm presenting a fair deal. The fact that they don't take it means that I should somehow, you know, do a Jedi mind-meld with these folks and convince them to do what's right. Well, you know, they're elected. We have a constitutional system of government."

The Jedi mind-meld? What on Earth is that?

Richard Riis explains it a bit further in his article on this subject, which I would recommend:

Of course, the President is confusing the Vulcan mind-meld from Star Trek with the Jedi mind trick from Star Wars, and hardcore fans of both have already begun taking to Twitter to express their outrage and disappointment.

I think that clears it up. Again, of all the mistakes that Obama has made in office - and there were a few of them - this one is the least serious that I know of. He can be forgiven...this time. He should just be glad that Darth Vader is not there to force choke him, let alone what the Emperor might do, as he is less forgiving than Vader.

Obama’s “Jedi” Reference Further Divides an Already Polarized Nation  By Richard Riis   Friday Mar 01, 2013:

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