Monday, March 7, 2016

Sanders Wins Three of Four States in Two Days

After Hillary was crowned the big winner on Super Tuesday last week by the established media and prominent political pundits, some were calling on Bernie Sanders to pull out of the race.

Bernie Sanders and his supporters, for their part, dismissed such calls, and suggested that reports of their demise were greatly exaggerated.

Who to believe?

Well, this weekend, for state were up for grabs for the Democrats, and Bernie Sanders won three of them - Kansas, Nebraska, and now Maine.

All three have gone for Sanders, while Hillary won another Deep South state, Louisiana.

Overall, despite the avalanche of criticism and calls for Sanders to drop out of the race from Hillary supporters, I personally think that he is doing very well, and see absolutely no reason why he should even seriously entertain any reasons for dropping out of a race that he is performing so strongly in.

Let's go Bernie!

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