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Nirvana Bassist Krist Novoselic Believes He Knows Who Next Grunge Band to Induct Into Rock Hall of Fame

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Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic watched Pearl Jam get inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame and, having gotten in himself as a member of the legendary Seattle "grunge" band that broke the whole Seattle scene into the mainstream with the phenomenal popularity of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Yes, that was the song that exploded onto the pop culture scene in the early nineties, and Nirvana and many other grunge/punk/metal/alternative bands also built upon this success and made the 1990's a phenomenal time for fresh music.

Now, with Pearl Jam joining Nirvana in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, the questions will linger about what other Seattle and/or "grunge" bands will be next.

There is one obvious choice, though, I think. One band that surely should already be there, having been rocking hard since the 1980's, and having been not only one of the most famous and successful Seattle bands to have emerged, but also one of the most influential bands of the 1990's, as well. 

Of course, the band that I am speaking about is the same one that Noveselic believes should be next, as well. He made these feelings clear with a tweet. After expressing how much of a blast it was to see Pearl Jam get inducted, he then wrote:

“Matt Cameron should be on the Rock Hall of Fame again. Soundgarden.”

Yup, that's right. He is absolutely right about that one. Matt Cameron will be back, getting inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Soundgarden, because that was a band that was off the charts in terms of intensity and imagination. 

It was Soundgarden who preceded Nirvana, and who was universally respected in the Seattle scene by pretty much everyone. And it was Soundgarden who were intimately linked to Pearl Jam, beginning with Chris Cornell's friendship with Andy Wood, the late leader singer of Mother Love Bone, the band that seemed on the verge of stardom before Wood died of an overdose. Cornell wrote some music as a tribute - a whole album's worth! That album was done with the former members of Mother Love Bone, with Matt Cameron filling in on drums, and Cornell singing. Those members of Mother Love Bone still wanted to play music, though, and so they got Mike McCready, an incredible guitarist, to join. They then used a Jack Irons connection to find out about this singer from San Diego, sending him a tape. When he sent it back with his own lyrics and singing, they were blown away. That singer, of course, is Eddie Vedder. And he made an appearance on that tribute album to Andy Wood, the man who Vedder replaced. The tribute album officially became the work of Temple of the Dog, and one song, "Hunger Strike," came to be one of the most famous and iconic anthem of the relatively early part of the emergence of the Seattle music scene. 

Cornell helped Eddie Vedder get used to Seattle, and their musical collaboration continued, as well. The new band was tentatively known as the Mookie Blaylock Band, before they finally settled on a more lasting name - Pearl Jam. So, Soundgarden not only influenced and was respected by the other Seattle bands, they had a big part in helping Pearl Jam come into existence. 

Soundgarden also has some unbelievable albums and works of their own, of course. My son and I love to listen to their music, as did millions of people over the course of many years now. Just think of some of the albums - Bad Motorfinger, Superunkown, Down on the Upside - and all of the great and iconic tracks on those albums, and it makes you wonder more than ever how this group could possibly have been overlooked for induction into the Rock Hall of Fame!

Nirvana Bassist Reveals Next Grunge Band That Should Go In Rock Hall of Fame By Brett Buchanan -  Apr 10, 2017

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