Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Most Expensive Counties too Live In the United States

Having lived in the greater New York City metropolitan area for most of my life, the fact that so many areas in this particular region rank as among the most expensive places to live in the country really is no surprise. After all, this region is the most heavily populated in the country, and the city itself has a lot to offer. Much of it is very near water, which basically almost surrounds the city, and many, many people are attracted to water, and want to live by it. 

Obviously, New York and it's immediate surroundings will be attractive for many folks. That is no big surprise, of course. It is not even surprising that King's County, which generally is better known as Brooklyn, is the most expensive neighborhood in the country. After all, it is a trendy neighborhood, and it is a bit quieter (though not much) from Manhattan. Yet, it is very much the city, and offers some very diverse neighborhoods, and some attractive spots. A few years ago, I saw the New York Philharmonic at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, and that reminded me so much of Central Park, that it felt amazing! So, no surprise there, either.

Neither is the fact that California has a bunch of the other regions of the country which rank as among the least affordable in the country. That was the case even during my first trip out to San Francisco, well over twenty years ago now! I loved San Francisco and felt ready to move out there, but had heard during the trip that the cost of living, and the cost of housing, was out of control! On the more recent trip out there with my son last summer, we were reminded several times, in several different ways, that nothing has changed in this regard, either. 

California is the largest state in the country, with accommodating weather and incredible beauty, and with major metropolitan areas, particularly in and around San Diego, San Francisco, and especially Los Angeles, the second largest city in the country. New York was the largest state for a long time prior to that, and New York City remains the largest city, with some incredible opportunities. In each of these places, there are plenty of universities, museums, and plenty of culture for residents. In short, they are clearly attractive spots in which to live, and raise a family. 

One of the areas which I was surprised not to find on this list included Seattle, which is also a very attractive area to live in or near, and also has the advantage of a large body of water with Puget Sound. Seattle also is surrounded by mountainous regions, which add dramatic beauty, and there is plenty of culture there, too. Plus, Seattle is and has long been a trendy spot, with plenty of pleasant and unique cafes, good bars and clubs for nightlife, plenty of parks, and a famous music scene. Still, Seattle was nowhere to be seen on this list, which surprised me somewhat. Perhaps at least part of the reason that Seattle did not make the list might be the perception that it is always rainy and gloomy there, which is actually true for most of any given calendar year. Still, those times when the weather is more accommodating in the Pacific Northwest make the rainy times feel a lot more worth it.

There are some other areas on the list which are not in California or New York. Not surprisingly, Honolulu, Hawaii, and parts of Florida basically make up the rest of the list. These are also places that most people find very desirable to live in, so no great surprises there.

Here is the link with the list of the most expensive places in the United States to live in:

The 20 Least Affordable Places To Live In The U.S.Emily Canal by Forbes Staff:

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